January 20, 2019
Are your heating pipes making loud banging noises?

While vented heating systems usually run silent, a steam or hydronic system may give a few surprises, like your heating pipes making loud banging noises. It’s difficult to deal with regular, loud banging sounds when you need your heating system to serve its primary function and warm your home.

How to Deal with Heating Pipes that Are Making Loud Banging Noises

Heating systems work by forcing heated air or hot steam through an intricate network of pipes. Heated air is dispersed through vents, while hot steam is sent through pressurized pipes and into radiators that “radiate” heat as the hot water passes through them. Usually, heating systems produce a low level of sound, but heating pipes making loud banging noises can indicate a problem that mostly results from one of the three issues mentioned here.

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1. Boiler Kettling

Kettling issue is most common in hard water areas, where the boiler’s heat exchanger accumulates limescale that constrict the flow of water. The heat exchanger becomes too hot and ultimately expands and causes heating pipes to making loud banging noises.

How to fix the kettling problem in heating pipes

This problem can be tackled by professionals who will offer the best limescale removal solution, according to the severity of the issue.

2. Trapped Air

Another reason for the rattling, clanging, and banging noises in your heating system is the air bubbles getting trapped in the water in your heating system. Due to the expansion and collapsing of air bubbles as they travel through the heating pipes, loud clicking noise can be heard.

How to fix banging due to trapped air in heating pipes

An effective way to stop noise is to remove the air bubbles from the pipes. This process is known as “bleeding” the pipes and it involves the following steps:

  • Turn it off the system before bleeding
  • Look for the small valve present under the end cap of the radiator and rotate it counterclockwise to remove the air pressure.
  • As the air exits the pipes and the water starts to trickle out, you should close the valve
  • Turn on the system after completing the above steps with each radiator

You can also hire a residential HVAC contractor to help you resolve this issue effortlessly.

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3. Expanded Pipes

When heating pipes become very hot, they expand and cause pipes to shift slightly. However, when the pipes are situated on a hard surface, banging noises will be produced with the slightest movement on their expansion.

How to fix banging heating systems due to pipe expansion

Placing small pieces of foam near pipes that travel through wooden supports will prevent banging or other bumping sounds. If this does not fix the issue, seek professional help by hiring residential heating services. You don’t have to live with heating pipes that bump and bang all night. Improve your heating system’s functions by following the tips mentioned above. You can also have a residential heating and cooling contractor to check your system and eliminate noisy pipes.

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