November 24, 2019

Your furnace’s ductwork is designed to keep your home at a constant temperature throughout the year. While duct cleaning is essential, there are pros and cons if you are thinking of doing the work. Hiring a professional HVAC technician means that you get fast, efficient, and professional service without having to worry about making time yourself to do a job you may not be fully prepared for. Here are certain pros and cons of furnace duct cleaning of your HVAC system:

The Pros

The pros of proper duct cleaning work include:

  • Reducing airborne contaminants, dust, and allergens that begin to circulate through your home from the minute your furnace kicks on.
  • Making sure your ducts are clean and dust-free also reduces the amount of dust that is distributed throughout your home and allowed to collect on your furniture.
  • Taking the time to have your ductwork adequately cleaned also ensures that your furnace and central air system will continue to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Clean ducts and filters mean less stress on the furnace as a whole.
  • The more efficiently your system operates, the less money you spend on heating and cooling bills. Lower heating and cooling bills mean a more energy-efficient household.

The Cons

If not correctly done, duct cleaning will result in a few cons you should be aware of.

  • It takes more than just changing your furnace filter once a month to keep your system operating at its best.
  • If not performed with the right tools, duct cleaning will harm your HVAC system as well as your health.
  • Saving a few bucks by doing it yourself may result in unexpected damage to your system.
  • A wrong choice of HVAC contractor for your duct cleaning work will overall be highly detrimental to you.

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Conclusion of the Pros and Cons of Furnace Duct Cleaning

Often, mice, rats, and squirrels make their living space in your HVAC’s vents and ducts. Routine inspection helps you keep out pests, reduce the risk of potential leaks, and also improves the heating and cooling efficiency of the HVAC system. An efficient system consumes less energy and can help you save on energy bills.

Instead of performing the duct cleaning on your own, leave the job to professionals who have both the right equipment and expertise to complete the task quickly, correctly, and efficiently.

Also, you should always check for furnace duct cleaning before you move to a new house. Benefits of air duct cleaning are many, it ensures maximum efficiency, reduces unpleasant odors, helps you save on bills, and gives you peace of mind.

Use these pros and cons guide to decide if your house furnace needs cleaning. Contact us today at (949) 328-3370 for affordable air duct cleaning. Our professional, friendly, and reliable technicians always do their best work to ensure your HVAC system is at its best condition.

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