September 26, 2019

Air conditioning ductwork maintenance is essential for the smooth running of your HVAC system and for reducing the energy costs of your home. In this blog, we will cover everything you should know to maintain your HVAC ductwork.

What is air conditioning ductwork?

An air conditioning ductwork system is a circuit of pipelines that functions as a network to distribute conditioned air throughout the house. Imagine it as the root of your HVAC system. The location that holds the network is usually the attic. However, if you don’t have an attic, then the conduits can run beneath your floor.

The four major types of ducting include:
  • Sheet metal air ducts.
  • Sheet metal air ducts are made from aluminum and galvanized steel, and have robust designs. They are very durable and can be construed in variable shapes.

  • Fiberglass lined air ducts.
  • Fiberglass linings are great for liberating heat and preventing condensation. It’s mainly used to add an external or internal layer to the sheet metal air ducts.

  • Fiberboard air ducts.
  • Fiberboards are versatile materials that are made of inorganic fiberglass bonded with resin. These air ducts are inexpensive, hence making them the most installed air ducts in the market.

  • Flexible air ducts.
  • Inexpensive and easy installations are the benefits that flexible air ducts come with. Spring steel wire helix, a 2-ply polymer plastic encapsulates these ducts.

The materials used for the ductwork as mentioned above are aluminum and galvanized steel, fiberglass duct board, polyurethane, and non-metallic duct materials.

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Maintenance Checklist for Air Conditioning Ductwork

Now that you know the basics of air conditioning ductwork, it’s needless to say that air duct maintenance is of utmost importance and requires proper attention. So here’s an air duct maintenance checklist. You need to follow these to maintain your HVAC system’s efficiency throughout the season.

  • Regularly inspect the air ducts to identify signs of erosion.
  • The ablation in the pipes can give rise to leaking air, which can further damage your attic or your floor, wherever the system is originating from. Moreover, there will be heightened energy consumption, which is bound to reflect in your electricity bill.

  • Seal the ductwork if you notice the damage.
  • In the case of holes or tears, air duct repair work must be initiated. Use adhesive tape available, especially for HVAC systems to seal the little rips or holes, thus saving the setup from further damage.

  • Clean or refresh air filters.
  • HVAC maintenance is not cumbersome if you know the tips and tricks. The best way to avoid major damage is to clean or upgrade your air filters regularly. Typically, this should be done at an interval of 30 days.

  • Clean air registers and returns.
  • The air from the ducts is in a state of constant circulation throughout your home. Therefore, it is common for the dust particles to accumulate at the filter grills. Hence, keep your vents clean.

  • Ensure unobstructed airflow.
  • Blocked air, especially when it is being drawn back into your HVAC system, can increase the workload of your system and take up more energy. This can lead to an increase in your electric bill and can even damage your system.

Why It Is Important to Keep Your Air Ducts in Good Working Condition

HVAC systems require regular maintenance. Air ducts that are not in proper conditions can cause major energy consumption which is neither good for the environment nor your pocket. If the system starts circulating less than expected, it can affect the environment within the area, causing minor or major health hazards. Similarly, if the system circulates more air than expected, the originating location, be it the attic or the floor, can be profoundly affected.

Also, air duct performance is significantly influenced by the ventilation design. Therefore, if you want to enhance the efficiency of the ventilation system and achieve significant energy savings, then consult with an HVAC professional to take a look at your air ducts.

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