November 6, 2018

During the winter, your heating system works overtime, so you should hire a professional HVAC contractor to get a preventive checkup of your heating system, before this. Yearly HVAC maintenance will also help you to avoid heating repair bills. Make sure your heating system is working efficiently all through the winters by following these 7 important tips:

1. Set Your Thermostat

Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature. Usually, this falls with the 68 to 72-degree range. It isn’t too cold or too warm and you can adjust if necessary. Try to keep your thermostat within this range for maximum efficiency.

2. Replace Your Filters

You should always replace your furnace filters once a month throughout the year, and especially during the winter months. Clean filters will make your system more efficient and will improve the air quality of your home.

3. Check Your Chimney

If you use a fireplace, check your chimney for soot build-up. Most people try to have their vents cleaned every other year or so to prevent soot from getting too thick and increasing the risk of a chimney fire.

4. Seal All Leaks

Seal leaks around windows and doors where cold air can sneak in or warm air can find its way out. Put new weather-stripping around the doors and make sure all your windows are sealed as tightly as possible.

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5. Perform Gutter Cleaning

Make sure your gutters are clean. This will prevent damage to the roof and keep ice from forming along the edges of your soffits.

6. Clean and Seal Your Ductwork

Having a clean and sealed ductwork ensures that your warm air goes where you want it to instead of into areas where it isn’t needed. Cleaning your ductwork every year or so will also help to improve your home’s air quality.

7. Make Sure Your Vents Are Clear

Move furniture and rugs away from your vents so that the warm air can go where it needs to. Blocking vents may not allow your rooms to get the heat they need and lead to your furnace running more often than it should. Following these simple steps will keep your system running as it should and keep your heating repair costs within your budget. If you are looking to hire professionals for heating repair near you, then rest assured. You can get the best HVAC services, including heating repair in Laguna Hills from our expert technicians. Contact us for scheduling your HVAC maintenance appointment today!

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