September 19, 2022
AC Fan Speed in Orange County, CA

Updated: May 13th, 2024

In order for your HVAC system to operate efficiently, it needs to run according to the speed stated in its manual. However, sometimes, the speed of the AC fan is too high or low for current conditions, so it creates an uncomfortable environment. In order for your system to run optimally, you may need a trusted professional from White Mechanical, Inc. to change your fan’s speed.

How to Change the Speed of an AC Fan

According to HVAC experts, an air conditioner’s fan speed should be about 400 cubic feet per meter (CFM) airflow per ton. However, the AC fan speed measurement can vary depending with the type of weather. For instance, if you live in a region with dry climate, the standard AC fan speed should be about 400 cubic feet meter per ton. On the other hand, if you live in a humid region like Orange County, the standard speed of the fan is 350 cubic feet meter per ton.

A professional from White Mechanical, Inc. can evaluate your fan speed to be sure that it’s set to the correct speed. If we determine that the speed needs to be changed, here is how we will proceed.

Step 1: Disconnect the Power

Just like handling any other electrical appliance, we will ensure that the power is switched off before attempting to change any settings on the HVAC unit. Your HVAC professional will disconnect the power from the main panel as well as disconnect the appliance from the electrical outlet. Turning off the power will protect your tech against electric shocks that might occur when handling the HVAC system.

Step 2: Locate the Speed Wires and the Blowers

After disconnecting the power supply to the HVAC unit, the HVAC expert will determine the location of the blower and have a look at the speed wires. Your tech will know which color wires to look for and where they can be found.

Usually, speed wires are green, yellow, black, and blue. In most HVAC units, red represents low speed, black represents high speed, blue represents medium speed, and yellow represents medium-high speed. The two brown wires attached to the capacitor are not involved with the speed of the fan.

Step 3: Change the Speed of the AC Fan

After locating the wires, the HVAC professional will then move the black wire, which is the high-speed wire, to a reduced speed. In some cases, the blue wire may represent high speed depending on HVAC model. If that is the case, the HVAC professional will switch the blue wire to a lower speed.

Step 4: Test the New Speed

Once the HVAC professional is done with the wires, they will need to test the performance of the AC fan to check out the new speed. In order to test the fan, the HVAC expert will turn the power back on at the electrical outlets as well as the main panel. Next, the AC fan will begin moving, and the HVAC professional will observe whether there is a change in the fan’s speed. If the speed of the fan has noticeably reduced to a more optimal level, the expert will know that the problem is fixed. If, however, the speed still isn’t just right, your tech may readjust the wires.

Why You Should Call an HVAC Expert to Change the AC Fan Speed?

Although a high-speed fan is able to rotate more air, it produces a lot of noise, which can be very distracting. The increased noise is produced because of added friction between the fan bearings as the blades rotate faster. When the speed of the fan is reduced, there is less friction among the bearings, and therefore, less noise is produced.

Changing the speed of the fan with the help of an HVAC expert will allow your AC unit to function more efficiently at night because the cooling capacity of the AC is low at night, and the humidity levels are higher.

Should You Change the Speed of Your AC Fan?

If you want your HVAC unit to perform more efficiently, then you may need to tune it up accordingly. In some cases, changing the speed of your AC fan may require you to replace the conventional motor with a variable motor. This is another good reason to bring in an HVAC expert to change the fan speed–they can make recommendations if an upgrade is required.

If the HVAC professional changes the conventional motor with a variable speed motor, you will no longer have to ask an HVAC professional to lower the speed of the AC fan manually. Instead, the blower of the variable speed motor will automatically change the speed of the fan depending on any temperature change that it picks up on the thermostat.

Additionally, the variable speed motor will monitor the data from your HVAC cooling system and subsequently increase or decrease the airflow. This allows the HVAC system to balance the temperature and humidity of the room to appropriate levels. There are a number of other reasons why you should change the speed of your AC fan.

Better Air Quality

Air flows more continuously through a variable speed motor’s filter compared to the filter of an AC using a conventional motor. As a result, more pollen, dust, dirt, and other debris are trapped by the air filters thereby improving the indoor air quality. Better air quality reduces the following health issues caused by polluted indoor air:

  • Chronic respiratory afflictions such as asthma
  • Allergies
  • Sore throats
  • Fatigue

Lower Energy Bills

Changing your AC fan speed allows it to perform more efficiently, which also leads to energy efficiency. As a result, the amount of energy consumed by your HVAC system decreases, leading to lower energy bills. For instance, the blower of a conventional motor consumes about 500 watts of electricity while the blower of a variable speed motor consumes less than 100 watts of electricity. That’s a savings you’ll notice.

Longer HVAC System Lifespan

Changing the speed of your AC fan to operate at optimum speed allows the motor to work at a relatively low rate without straining the HVAC system. If the HVAC system is not overworked, it does not turn on and off as frequently, which reduces the wear and tear on your unit.

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