May 20, 2019

Air conditioner repairs can be costly, so it’s essential to schedule regular maintenance and tune-ups with experienced AC contractors to enjoy the best AC performance.

Also, it’s crucial to learn about the common air conditioning problems so that you can take preventive measures to avoid huge repairs.

Here are 10 common AC problems and their possible solutions:

1. Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On

You must check your thermostat batteries when your AC is not working or turning on. Replace the batteries if they are dead. If the batteries are in working condition, check the thermostat settings to determine whether the cooling mode is on with your desired temperature settings. If your thermostat is on, but your AC is still not turning on, check the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker is tripped, your AC won’t turn on. Reset the circuit breaker by flipping the switch off and then on.

2. Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

Your AC will not blow cold air if a dirty air filter blocks the airflow of your unit. A dirty air filter can further freeze up the condenser unit and limit the cooling power of your AC. Changing your air filter every month will help your AC unit blow cold air.

3. Air Conditioner Freezing Up Outside Unit

Your air conditioner can freeze up due to:

  • Insufficient airflow
  • Low outside temperature
  • Low coolant levels
  • Blower motor problems
  • Stuck contractor
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4. AC Refrigerant Leak

When the coolant in your air conditioner starts leaking, the temperature will vary, and the unit will not perform accurately. Refrigerant leaks can result in:

  • Low efficiency
  • High power consumption
  • Coil freezing
  • Damaged compressor
  • Uneven cooling

Inspect your air conditioner regularly for any refrigerant leaks.

5. Air Conditioner Making Noises

An air conditioner can make different sounds depending on the type of problems. There are different reasons why your air conditioner is producing a variety of sounds:

  • A refrigerant leak can produce a hissing sound.
  • If you hear clicking sounds when you turn on and off your AC, it might be a relay problem.
  • Thumping, rattling, or banging noises mean there is a problem with a blower or motor assembly.
  • The compressor or fan motor produces a screeching noise.
  • Faulty electrical components produce a buzzing sound.

6. Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil freezes when your air conditioner does not receive sufficient air needed for operation. A frozen evaporator coil can make your AC freeze up and stop working. Blocked vents and ducts, dirty filters, or a faulty fan can cause insufficient airflow in the system. A clean air filter is important to maximize airflow and indoor air quality.

7. Electric Control Failure

When you frequently turn on and off your air conditioner, the fan controls and compressor can wear out. The condenser fan motor, the compressor, and the blower motor make an electrical connection to start the unit. A connection problem can prevent the motor and compressor from turning on. You should check the electrical connections to determine the issue.

8. Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside

Water leaking outside from your AC on a hot or humid day, especially when the unit is running, is considered normal. It is also normal if the water leakage occurs outside in cool weather at a temperature of 60 degrees or less, as the unit can freeze up and leak water when it melts. Other reasons for your air conditioner to leak water outside, include:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Improper installation
  • Blocked drain pipe
  • Low coolant levels
  • Broken condensate pan
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9. Drainage Problem

The drain pipeline can also become clogged with dust, algae, and dirt. If water does not drain properly, mold, fungus, and mildew can develop. Also, gasses and bad odor can filter into your home. To prevent this, make sure your drain line is regularly maintained, cleaned, and inspected. Air conditioners which are not mounted level may not drain properly.

10. Sensor Problem

The air conditioner contains a thermostat sensor, located near the evaporator coil. The thermostat measures the air temperature in the evaporating coil and adjusts the cooling based on the condition of the room. If the sensor is forced out of position, the air conditioner can randomly turn on and off or cycle constantly. The sensor should be placed near the evaporator coil without touching each other. Adjust the sensor by bending the wire that holds it in position.

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