September 6, 2019

Condensation or sweating is a common problem with air conditioner ducts. Long term condensation leads to various issues with your AC system.

Condensation can frequently be seen as water drops collecting on the outside of AC ducts and vent openings. It can also form small water pools on the floor in severe cases.

What Causes Condensation in HVAC Ducts?

Main causes for condensation occurring in your AC ducts include the temperature difference between the outside air and AC vent, improperly sealed AC ducts, and lack of insulation around these ducts.

However, ductwork sweating can also be aggravated by factors like

  • Too much air moisture
  • Dirty air filters
  • Clogged ducts
Why Is Water Dripping from My Ductwork?

Condensate drain problems cause water to drip from your AC’s ductwork. The function of the condensate drain system is to collect moisture removed from the air and dispose it into a drain. Water leakage can be caused if

  • the condensate tube is clogged with dirt, algae, or minerals
  • the drip tray is leaking
  • the evaporator coil, which freezes on scorching days, starts to thaw
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Can Too Much Insulation Cause Condensation?

Sometimes extreme insulation can cause condensation. This is because insulation warms the indoor area of your building. Generally, warm air holds more moisture and makes the inside of your building more humid. However, temperature changes allow the building to become cooler in the evening. This prompts the air inside to cool down and release moisture, which results in condensation.

Wrapping Ductwork to Prevent Condensation

Wrapping your AC ductwork is an effective way to prevent condensation. Duct wrap has a foam insulation inner layer and a foil outer layer. Cleanly wrap it around the AC duct and fasten with duct tape near the joints.

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How Do I Stop Condensation on My Air Conditioner?

Here are some tricks to stop condensation on air ducts:

  • Instead of metal, choose fiberglass or other insulating materials for your ductwork. In case you have metal ducts, make sure they are appropriately wrapped with fiberglass insulation.
  • Try to reduce the humidity level in the air near the air ducts. You can go for a dehumidifier if that helps to reduce the condensation.
  • Unblock any ducts that are restricting airflow and have them cleaned regularly.
  • Regularly clean your air filters and change them once every three months.
  • Repair leaking ducts as early as possible.
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