July 26, 2018

Indoor allergens can cause a variety of health problems. The presence of such contaminants often means your home needs air-duct cleaning. Over time, these passages collect dust, pollen, and other harmful particles. Read more to know how you can tackle the indoor allergens through in-depth air-duct cleaning to enjoy a healthier environment.

What Is the Origin of Indoor Allergens?

Staying indoors during seasons of pollen or mold buildup can be risky since allergens can develop indoors just as quickly as outdoors.

  • While up to 60% of U.S. residents get exposed to cat or dog dander, a much higher percentage of Americans are exposed to dust mites.
  • Dust mites, pet dander, and insects can carry allergens that eventually make their way into the respiratory system.
  • People who live in inner cities must also deal with the problem of cockroaches, which also carry allergens.
  • Allergens may additionally develop on soft furniture, carpet, mattresses, and bedding. Many allergens end up on surfaces such as pillows rather than stay in the air.
  • It’s helpful to check any damp areas, including indoor plants for mold buildup periodically.

How Can You Reduce Air pollution and Improve the Air Quality in Your Home?

While air cleaning devices can help, the key is to eliminate sources of irritants that enter the home. The more you improve the air quality in your home which can get accomplished with air-duct cleaning, the more you can reduce allergic reactions and asthma symptoms.

Here are some ways to reduce indoor allergens and improve air quality in your home:

Control Contact with Indoor Pollutants:

Keeping windows and doors shut will help prevent small creatures, outdoor allergens, pollen and mold from entering your home.

Use Plenty of Indoor Ventilation in All Areas of the Home:

Increasing the flow of outdoor air into your home helps flush out unwanted particles.

Keep Surfaces Cleaned to Control Indoor Dust Mites:

Rugs should be washed periodically as well. Replacing drapes with blinds is also helpful in reducing bugs that are attracted to soft surfaces.

Reduce Indoor Humidity:

You can block allergens introduced by dust mites and mold partly by reducing the humidity in your home.

Reduce Harmful Particles with Air Cleaners:

One of the most reliable ways to filter out nearly all allergen particles is with air cleaners that contain HEPA filters.

Hire Residential Air-duct Cleaning Service:

Contact a residential HVAC services specialist to inspect your home for air-duct cleaning. Be sure to compare cost, energy efficiency, and warranties for getting the best air-duct cleaning near you.

How to Purify the Air in Your House?

Fortunately, there are some remarkable, all-natural options to not only introduce fragrance but filter the air as well in your home. Here are a few options to purify the air in your home:

  • Avoid artificial air cleansers
  • Place air-purifying houseplants
  • Use natural cleaning materials
  • Use your range hood fan when cooking

What Are Symptoms of Indoor Allergies?

Allergies are strong immune responses to environmental factors known as allergens. Allergies are prevalent, and about 50 million individuals in North America undergo allergies. One of the recurrent types of allergy is allergic rhinitis or hay fever which produces symptoms including:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Itchy and watery eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Stuffy or a runny nose,
  • Scratchy or a sore throat
  • Throat clearing
  • A cough from postnasal drip


Reducing allergens can be achieved by paying attention to proper airflow and keeping the home sealed from outdoor elements. White Mechanical, Inc. provides superior duct cleaning services in Laguna Hills. Our affordable residential HVAC services include a comprehensive air conditioning service to rid your home of indoor allergens and offer you the best cooling experience throughout.

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