June 20, 2021

For most people, summer is usually a favorite time of the year due to the warm weather that creates a perfect atmosphere for outdoor activities. If you are looking forward to spending time with your loved ones at home, you might want to make various simple adjustments in their environment. Some of these tips will help lower the energy bills, improve the efficiency of the components in your home and make your summer more comfortable. Here are some things you can do to get your home ready for the summer season.

1. Check the Insulation

Begin by assessing the nature of the insulation in your house. Next, clean the windows and screens, and pay attention to signs of rot or damage. Check for any gaps in the framing, then re-caulk or reapply the weather stripping. This will prevent conditioned air from seeping out of the house.

Also, you can install thermal curtains on the east- and west-facing windows to block sun and heat so that your AC won’t have to work so hard to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Install insulation in the attic, roof, wall, and ceiling as well to keep the utility cost down.

2. Ensure Enough Airflow

During summer, the heat makes your house very hot, humid, and uncomfortable. Therefore, proper air circulation is vital to help regulate temperature, remove impurities, and create a safe breathing environment. The cost of running your AC can be very high, so you need to look for alternative ways to ventilate and cool your house.

Open the doors and windows to allow for cross ventilation, especially at night when the outdoor air is cool. Run exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom to get rid of excess moisture. You should also set your ceiling fan in the counterclockwise direction to push cool air down. Stagnant air may get trapped in the attic if you don’t have enough ventilation. Have a professional install a gable vent and you can use a vent fan.

3. Clean Gutters and Drains

There are lots of rainstorms during the summer season, and they can turn disastrous if you are not careful. Ensure that you clean debris such as mud, leaves, and sticks from the gutters. When such debris accumulates, your roof might begin to leak. Birds also love to make nests in the gutters, and such materials can block the drains and cause more problems in your plumbing system. Since birds usually leave their nests during summer, this is a good chance to clean them off with ease.

4. Keep Your Pipes Protected

During summer, unprotected pipes are more likely to burst due to the extreme heat and increased water demand. You can prevent this by applying lightly colored acrylic paint to your outdoor PVC pipes. Alternatively, you can wrap them with insulation to repel the sun’s rays and prevent expansion.

Also, get rid of any vegetation growing near your pipes. As the roots continue to expand, they can wrap around or break through the lines causing unwanted water backup. Try also to limit water use to avoid pipe damage. For instance, you shouldn’t run your dishwasher, washing machine, showers, and sprinkler systems simultaneously.

5. Inspect the Roof

The extreme heat, strong winds, thunderstorms, and humidity in summer can destroy your roofing. Therefore, you need to inspect the shingles to ensure that none are cracked, lifted, or missing before the onset of the season. Check the metal strips around any roof protrusion for rust, and apply caulking. If you live in a scorching region, painting your roof with a brighter color can help keep your house cooler.

6. Clean the Pavements and Patio

You need to pressure-wash the walkway to give your home a fresh look. Remember also to replace the broken bricks or damaged pavers. Fill cracked concrete walkways with a masonry filler that matches their color. Sweep away any debris in the driveways, and fix and seal broken joints. Since you will need to use the patio longer during summer, clean and repair chipped furniture.

7. Revive Your Garden

Your outdoor space plays an integral role in entertainment and lounging during summer. Therefore, you need to ensure that it’s ready and inviting. Clear off any weeds from the flower bed and remove any leaves, twigs, and dead grass from the garden. Get new seedlings and plant them where you want a thicker lawn. Start such projects early since they might require some time. You can even use some hanging buckets and pots filled with flowers to brighten up your outdoor space. Trim large trees and shrubs, and cut the lawn in clearly defined lines. Reinforce fence posts in your garden, and recoat them with fresh paint.

8. Bug-Proof the House

The summer weather favors the lifecycle and activities of various species of bugs. They are more likely to invade your home in an attempt to escape the heat and in search of food and water. Do a quick inspection in your house to ensure that there are no gaps that can allow the entry of bugs. Keep your kitchen clean, and store food in tightly sealed containers.

Moist environments can also attract bugs. Therefore, fix leaky pipes, clear clogged gutters, and ventilate the crawl spaces. You can also install a mesh system around your windows and doors to keep bugs out. Alternatively, try using natural bug repellants like mint and rosemary in the house.

9. Call for a Professional AC Tune-Up

Before the temperature rises, you need to ensure that your air conditioner is in perfect working condition. Start by changing or cleaning your air filters. Clear around the outdoor unit to allow for unobstructed airflow. Contact an authorized technician to service your AC and prepare it for summer. The technician will check the thermostat to ensure that it’s appropriately installed away from heat sources. They will tighten any loose electrical connections to eliminate electrical hazards and prolong the unit’s lifespan.

Have the professional also lubricate all the moving parts of the AC for smooth running to avoid friction. The tune-up entails checking the condensate drain line for clogs that can cause water leaks and AC freezing. It also involves thoroughly cleaning the coils and blower components as well as inspecting and adjusting the refrigerant level when necessary.

Are You Having Problems Preparing Your House for Summer? Seek Professional Help

Preparing your home for summer may seem tedious and bothersome, but it’s worth it. With proper plumbing, a well-functioning AC unit, and a properly insulated house, you will enjoy comfortable indoor environments while keeping your utility costs lower. Use the above tips to perform the necessary repairs, renovations, and improvements to prepare your house.

While there are some simple projects that you can do on your own, leave tasks like AC tune-ups to an experienced technician. An expert can even help you size your unit to ensure that it adequately meets your cooling needs. Whenever you need professional assistance with your AC, reach out to White Mechanical, Inc.. Our company specializes in AC and heating systems installation, repair, and tune-ups. We also offer commercial HVAC services in Foothill Ranch, CA, and the nearby areas. Contact us now to enjoy our services.

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