April 19, 2018

If you own a residential complex, you can’t leave your HVAC responsibilities to just anyone. You need to hire a residential HVAC contractor who is capable of servicing a large number of units and making sure each one continues to run smoothly. Read on to learn more about selecting the right HVAC contractor for your residential complex.

Do Your Research

Before you hire any contractor for your HVAC maintenance or HVAC repair services, do your research. Do they handle residential complexes? Are they capable of working on industrial size heating and cooling systems? Are they licensed and insured? These are important questions to ask before you make the final decision to hire.

Referrals and References

Ask for referrals from your friends, neighbors, and businesses, and find out who they recommend. If you talk to a company, ask for references. Most will gladly provide them to you if you ask. Once you have them, call and find out what people have to say about their work.

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Energy Star

Look for the Energy Star logo. Products that meet the Energy Star standards are rated for maximum efficiency by the EPA. These products are also able to provide long-term savings when it comes to energy usage. Many products that carry the Energy Star logo are eligible for rebates when listed on your taxes.

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Itemized Estimates and Written Proposals

If you are hiring a residential HVAC contractor for a large job, get a written estimate that is highly detailed and itemized so that you know exactly what you will be getting for the price. When you choose your contractor, both of you should sign a written proposal that plans out the details of the project. Owning a residential complex involves working with HVAC contractors on a much larger scale than if you were only talking about a single residence. If you want to hire a reliable and skilled residential HVAC services in Laguna Hills you can trust, do your research and take the time to ask questions. You will be glad you did!

White Mechanical, Inc.

Founded in 2002, White Mechanical, Inc. in Laguna Hills, CA, is one of the most trusted and licensed (HVAC) service providers, proudly serving Orange County and the surrounding communities. Our management team has more than 28 years of experience in various aspects of HVAC technology. All our HVAC technicians are professionally skilled and certified to deliver outstanding residential HVAC services as well as commercial HVAC services to our clients. We offer professional HVAC services including installation, maintenance, air conditioning repair, and more at very reasonable prices.

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