July 25, 2023
Homeowner with Dog after Air Purifier Installation in Foothill Ranch, CA

While pets are a special part of many homes, they do create the need for an additional layer of indoor air quality protection. One of the most popular IAQ solutions is the air purifier, but it’s worth noting that not all purifiers will handle the job the same way for homes with pets. Some newer purifiers are created specifically for cat owners and homes with strong litter odors while others provide more relief for allergy sufferers.

There are several benefits associated with air purifiers, including improved comfort, a cleaner home, and obviously, safer air. Air purifiers allow pet lovers who suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues to have pets that they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise. Before you choose the air purifier that you want in your home, be sure to consider some important factors.

1. Your Pet’s Dander Is a Mite Magnet

Air purifiers are the ideal solution for eliminating dander from homes. Dander is an invisible residue from your pet’s skin. This residue attracts mites and other parasites that are not healthy. Some people are more sensitive to the presence of mites than others. You might find that younger children and the elderly sneeze more and have more trouble breathing if they are near a pet. The problem can often be solved with a heavy-duty air purifier. Dander is very hard to see and floats around easily. This means it is one of the hardest things for even the most fastidious cleaner to keep under control. You should look for a HEPA-certified purifier with heavy-duty filters made for homes with dander issues.

2. The Filter Count Matters

Different types of purifiers have different numbers and types of filters in them. Some heavy-duty air purifiers have as many as seven filters in place which allows them to capture and neutralize several types of pollutants. Specialized filters are necessary if you want to control dander, hair, and odors. Looking at customer reviews can be a big help because some systems notably handle larger amounts of animal hair than others. Examine the filter count and type carefully to make sure you can tackle everything in your home. You should also be sure to get a filtration setup for things like mold, bacteria, and viruses. Advanced filters will handle various gases, smoke, and VOCs. Some people opt to purchase multiple purifiers with different types of filters instead of buying one with many filters.

There are a few innovative models on the market with a washable pre-filter. You can save a significant amount of money with this type of filter setup. The specialty filters layered behind the prefilter will last much longer and work better.

3. There Are Various Specialty Filters

Some common types of filters include:

  • Spun glass
  • Carbon
  • Pleated
  • Washable
  • HEPA
  • UV
  • Media
  • Electrostatic
  • Ionic

There are several types of HEPA filters as well as True HEPA filters on the market. True HEPA filters meet additional requirements specified by the EPA and will deliver excellent results. Many types of top-quality filters will be able to capture particles measuring 0.3 microns. There are a few types that will capture particles measuring 0.2 microns as well. Experts advise carefully reading the label on your filters and purifiers. Some items will come with a label saying they capture 99.9 percent of the particles indoors. You should examine the details of the rating to determine the size and type of particles the filter catches. Be sure to note the capacity of the filter and purifier to make sure you don’t overwork it. The effectiveness will decline as the filter fills up. Your capacity needs will be related to the number of particles you have and the size of the space you are filtering. Some purifiers will not hold certain heavy-duty filters if you decide to switch afterward, so buy carefully.

4. The Purifier Size Is Important

Large purifiers that will process enough air can be hard to fit into some spaces. It’s important to note that your purifier won’t do as much if it is hiding behind other items in the house. Look for a compact design with heavier filtering capacity if you believe you need a larger purifier but don’t have the space for one. Size requirements are another reason some people opt to buy a couple of smaller purifiers instead of a single big one.

5. Extras Are Available

Some purifiers will come with cooling fans, app connectivity, or LED displays that will notify you about your air quality levels. All these things can make staying on top of your air quality easier. These extras may be essential for homes with a lot of allergy issues. Review the cycle and capacity details on each purifier to find out how much air the appliance can handle. Some purifiers will regularly clean the air a certain number of times every hour. Others have programmable cycles that you run as needed.

You will also find some purifiers with variable speed settings and light display settings. These are a good choice for people that find noise or lights disturbing when they sleep.

6. Noise Levels and Design Styles Vary

Purifiers may vary when it comes to noise and design. There are cylindrical and rectangular filters. There are also some types with a large open oval that the air passes through. Many companies create sleek, modern designs with finishes that go with everything. You will find heavy-duty plastic as well as brushed steel or enamel on different models. Different models will be more stable than others in certain spaces. You might want to consider a model made specifically for desktops if your filter will be prone to tipping over. The filter setup is different on desktop models to maximize efficiency.

7. Specifications for Room Size and CADR Matter

Each model will come with a room size recommendation. You should also check the clean air delivery rate, or CADR, on each model. This will ensure you get a purifier that won’t be overworked and will do the job well. These variables also affect the energy the purifier uses. Make sure you purchase something that you are comfortable running regularly for the best value.

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