August 28, 2018

Updated: May 13th, 2024

Ductless air conditioning systems allow you to break away from larger units that weave ductwork throughout your home. With a ductless ac installation, small groups are installed in each area of your home providing heated or cooled air directly where it is needed. Here are 5 main benefits of ductless air conditioner installation:

1. Less Impact On the Environment

Ductless AC installation or a split system installation can reduce your overall impact on the environment. They are more energy efficient because they are small and let you control the temperature in separate zones within your home. They also meet the guidelines put in place by ENERGY STAR regarding energy efficiency and environmental safety.

2. Improves Air Quality

The extensive network of ducts that run throughout your home can collect dust and other airborne contaminants that reduce your air quality. Ductless air conditioning involves no ductwork, so they don’t collect dust and don’t spread airborne pollutants throughout your home.

3. Installs Quickly and Easily

If you plan on installing an extensive ductwork system, it will take several weeks to place it within your home correctly. Ductless AC installation is both quick and extremely efficient. They are not invasive and do not require you to cut into your walls, ceilings, or floors.

4. Saves Money

With utility costs going through the roof as energy prices continue to inch their way upward, ductless systems offer an inexpensive alternative. They are more efficient because less energy gets wasted heating or cooling areas that aren’t being used. Split systems allow for specific zones to be heated or cooled while they are in use.

5. Flexible Heating and Cooling Solutions

Ductless or multi-split systems make it easy to control temperatures throughout your home. A small unit placed outside your home and small indoor units that are strategically placed allow you flexible heating and cooling solutions that fit your needs. You can customize your system to suit your home, while at the same time, maintaining comfortable temperatures in every room.

Ductless air conditioner installation, allows you to manage your home’s heating and cooling costs by increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of waste. Heating and cooling your home has never been more comfortable or more cost-effective.

Take the time to explore the benefits offered by a ductless heating and cooling system. If you are searching for HVAC Contractors near you, contact us to learn more about ductless air conditioner installation or to get a free quote from us today.

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