December 23, 2019

Proper functioning of your heat pump will not only make your home energy efficient but will also help you save money. Following the steps below, while using heat pumps will surely keep your home warm and cozy, even on the coldest winter nights, and will also reduce your winter electricity bills.

Make Sure the Filters Are Clean

Clean both the inside and outside filters of your heat pump regularly. This is one of the most effective ways to improve the efficiency of your heat pump or heating systems. Clean filters also improve the air quality inside your home.

Turn Off, When Not Using It

Having your heat pump running all the time at maximum capacity will only waste energy. Heat pumps are designed to run for a longer duration, but it will cause your energy bills to go up. Therefore, turn your heat pump off when you aren’t using it.

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Use a Timer to Switch the Pump On

Set a timer to turn the heat pump on 15 minutes before you plan on being in the room. This gives it enough time to warm up and start heating the room without wasting the energy required to keep it at a constant temperature. Heat pumps don’t have to run all the time to be effective. Run it only when you need it for maximum efficiency.

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Keep Doors and Curtains Closed

Keeping your doors closed will prevent any drafts, and will keep the heat in. If you have a window that receives direct sunlight, leaving the curtains open while the sun is shining will help to warm up the room. Otherwise, keep your curtains and doors shut.

Save Energy with a Programmable Thermostat

Many homeowners wonder whether they should turn off the heat pump at night to save energy and money. While it might work on some days when the weather is not very cold, a better option is to install a programmable thermostat instead. Using a programmable thermostat allows you to preset the temperature for different times of the day. You can keep it at a higher setting during the day to keep you warm while lowering it at night to help you sleep comfortably. Changing the thermostat settings can also help you save 10 to 20 percent on your heating bills.

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Minimize Heat Loss Through Your Fireplace

While a roaring fireplace feels amazing, it sends a large volume of heated air outside. You might consider installing a set of glass fireplace doors that can prevent a large amount of warm air from escaping through the chimney. If your chimney is no longer being used, you can use a chimney balloon or a woolen chimney insulator to prevent cold air coming down the chimney.

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Set a Lower Temperature When You Go to Sleep

When you are going to sleep, set your thermostat a few degrees lower as your blanket should keep you warm throughout the night. While this may help you sleep comfortably, it also keeps your energy bills low.

Get Professional Heat Pump Maintenance

Having your heat pump inspected once a year by a professional heating repair service company is a good idea. It can help reduce the cost of repair bills if you catch small problems early on and also give you peace of mind. Proper maintenance and a few simple tips will help you in keeping your heating costs low and having an efficient heat pump throughout the year.

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