December 7, 2018

New technology has made heat pumps the most efficient of all currently offered space-heating/cooling systems. The efficiency of a heat pump depends on the local climate as well as on its usage pattern. Properly installed and maintained heat pumps, quickly offset the installation costs through effective energy cost savings. Heating contractors in your area can offer guidance about the most suitable heat pumps for you, based on local conditions.

What Is the Function of a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are a type of HVAC units that provide both cooling and heating. In short, heat pumps deliver the complete cooling experience of an air conditioner, with sufficient heating capacity in the winter. This makes heat pumps a decent fit for houses located in the southern portion of the U.S., where cold winter months do occur that are rarely freezing.

How to Maintain Heat Pumps During Winters

You should consider scheduling regular heat pump inspections with a heating contractor near you. Proper heating repair and service will help to maintain the efficiency of your heat pump throughout the year. Here are a few heat pump maintenance tips that you can follow to keep your unit running efficiently this winter:

  • Clear away debris, ice, and snow from your outdoor unit.
  • Regularly clean the coils with caution to avoid any coil damage.
  • Avoid placing the outdoor unit underneath a leaking gutter to prevent it from freezing.
  • Position your heat pump at 4 to 8 inches above ground level to allow for proper drainage.
  • Remove overgrown vegetation present around the outdoor unit for proper air circulation.
  • Monitor your air filters to clean it or replace it as required with a new one.
  • Examine the electrical wires to make sure a proper connection exists to prevent wires from burning up.

What Are the Various Types of Heat Pumps?

There are several types of heat pumps including:

  • Geothermal heat pumps work by circulating water through a plumbing system that runs underground.
  • Split-ductless heat pumps are comprised of two main units, one outside and one or more on the inside.
  • Ductless heat pumps work without a ductwork system and are mostly used for particular rooms.
  • Air-source heat pumps, the most common type has an indoor and outdoor unit in which a coolant is allowed to oscillate between the two units. They can reduce your heating costs by half.

What Are the Benefits of Heat Pumps?

The main benefits of using heat pumps include:

  • One of the main advantages of heat pumps is that they can both heat and cool your home.
  • Another benefit is that heat pumps offer a fast and effective way to heat and cool your home using less energy.
  • Heat pumps are very effective at turning energy into usable heat that will keep your home at a constant, and comfortable temperature.

If you want to receive further information on heat pumps, call us to schedule a home heating audit. We are a trusted heating contractor, offering heating repair near you. Our residential HVAC technicians will help you with the installation and maintenance of the unit that works best in your home, and will also offer heating repair services to you.

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