May 30, 2020

In air conditioners, you may have noticed both EER and SEER ratings. These ratings play a vital role in selecting the right air conditioner for your home or work. EER vs SEER is briefly explained here to help you understand the significance of these ratings for making an informed decision.

What is EER?

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) is a measurement of the energy efficiency of an air conditioner at a specific outdoor temperature (95 degrees F). The air conditioner is more efficient when its EER rating is higher. EER is calculated by dividing the input electrical power measured in watts by the cooling capacity measured in British Thermal Units(BTU).

How is SEER Different from EER?

A SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is the proportion of an air conditioner’s cooling efficiency over a regular cooling season to the energy consumed by it in Watt-Hours. EER rating is the calculation of the energy efficiency of an ac unit at one temperature, whereas, SEER is the measurement of the energy efficiency of an air conditioner of an entire season at different outside temperatures.

Which Rating Should I Consider?

You should pay attention to both ratings, as they can be helpful in different circumstances.

  • EER is the efficiency of an air conditioner at peak cooling time as it is calculated at one peak temperature.
  • SEER is the calculation of the energy efficiency of an air conditioner at a variety of outside temperatures including both high and low of a usual home’s cooling pattern.
  • If the temperature of your location is 95°F or higher, you should consider EER ratings. For locations with moderate climates, SEER ratings should be considered.

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What is the Highest EER on an Air Conditioner?

The energy efficiency rating of an air conditioner varies depending on its capacity but look for EER ratings in the range of 9.4 to 10.7 to get the best AC.

Is a Higher EER Rating Better?

An air conditioner will be more efficient if its EER rating is higher. An air conditioner with a higher EER rating comes with a high price, but the performance and benefits you enjoy from a good AC can outweigh the price.

What Is a Good Energy Efficiency Rating?

A good EER rating of an air conditioner is at least 6.0. You can save a great deal of money on AC’s running cost with a good EER rating.

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Can I trust BTU Ratings?

BTU rating is high on particular AC models, so BTU ratings cannot always be trusted. Sometimes, manufacturers overstate the BTU ratings on ACs to sell them. Therefore, these ratings can’t be the only factor considered when choosing the right AC.

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