Trabuco Canyon’s Air Conditioning Maintenance Specialists

White Mechanical, Inc. offers reliable and affordable air conditioner maintenance in Trabuco Canyon, CA. Regular cooling maintenance includes a thorough inspection of the unit and all of the parts that are involved. With each use, various parts shift out of place. While this might not be a problem initially, it can become a huge problem further down the road. As more parts become shifted out of place, your AC will become less efficient and will be more prone to repairs and failures.

We highly recommend that you schedule an AC tune-up for your home at least once a year. However, if you are someone who relies heavily on your AC unit, you might want to consider scheduling cooling maintenance more frequently, like twice a year. If you plan on scheduling a tune-up only once a year, try doing it during mid-to-late spring. This gives you and us plenty of time to repair any problems that might be discovered during the maintenance service.