September 11, 2019

The compressor is a significant component of an air conditioner system. It keeps the refrigerant flowing through the system so that the AC can function correctly.

Any problem with a compressor will cause the air conditioner to stop working. Read more to learn about some typical issues with your AC compressors.

Why the ac compressor isn’t working, but the fan is running?

If your ac compressor is not working, but the fan is running, someone might have unknowingly set the wrong temperature on the thermostat. In such cases, the room may be already cold enough, so the compressor is not required to operate. Also, you may find such problems with air conditioners that are more than a decade old.

What causes an AC compressor to stop working?

Many reasons can lead to a malfunctioning AC compressor. The first thing to do when an AC compressor stops working is to make sure if the unit is receiving power. There can be a fuse that has blown out or a circuit breaker that has tripped.

Some other common reasons why your AC compressor is not working include:
  • Blocked suction lines
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Incorrect suction line size
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Electrical problems
  • Too much refrigerant
  • Insufficient oil lubricant
  • Contaminants in the system
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What are the symptoms of a weak AC compressor?

Generally, the warning signs of a failing compressor include:

  • Inefficient Room Cooling
  • The AC compressor uses a sealed bearing to turn. If these internal bearings fail or any other internal component breaks, then your compressor might become noisy.

  • Loud Noises from the Compressor
  • This is one of the initial signs of a failing compressor. A lousy compressor won’t be able to regulate the refrigerant flow in the AC system properly, and so the room won’t be cooled efficiently.

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Maintenance Can Solve AC Compressor Issues

Usually, many compressors fail due to a lack of proper maintenance. By scheduling regular maintenance checkup of your AC units, you can learn about the signs of a tripped circuit breaker, a fuse blown, dirty or clogged air filters or a broken thermostat. This will not only help to fix most of your problems related to AC compressors but also prevent malfunctioning of your compressor in the immediate future.

If your AC compressor is not turning on, call us today and receive professional assistance in fixing many such HVAC related issues.


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